Calypso Lounge has always been an impeccable place with the most enthralling ambiance to delight you with a blend of exotic food, lip-smacking desserts and gastronomic drinks. It presents a charming and well-groomed experience that is unmatched by any other place. you an environment of sheer gratification. We bring an exclusive way of bringing you some exciting offers & there by we have some most exclusive and appealing corporate offers for those who like to enjoy every moment.  More 



Dj Ola Ras
Dj kate sho

Dj breed
Dj Jolly

Nina Suerte

Dj Ravish

Best Dj

Our audio, visual, lighting and effects system create the ultimate nightlife experience. Our talented event production team can create the most unique environment just for your party.

International DJs, lively music, exciting nights dedicated to different genres from classic to international music is what we provide you to have an experience that excites you to the fullest. !!